Please Stop Using Women’s Safety as an Excuse for Bigotry

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OMG – We can’t let in a refugee because they might be a Muslim rapist and we need to protect our women and children.”

OMG – We can’t let transgender women use the women’s bathroom because they might be a sexual predator and we need to protect our women and children.

OMG – we need to close down our borders because Mexican drug dealers and rapists might come over and we need to protect our women and children.”

AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH – Will people stop using women’s safety as an excuse for bigotry??

If you care about women’s safety – start by admitting that we have a rape culture problem here, it was not caused by Muslims, Mexicans, or Transwomen.

If you care about violence against women, then let’s start by discussing a few facts;

  • Let’s start by being horrified that only 3% of rapists (who are already here in America) serve a prison sentence…
  • Let’s start with the horrifying statistic that 4 of 5 sexual assaults are committed by someone that is known to the victim (IE NOT A STRANGER IN A RESTROOM)
  • Let’s discuss the fact that 25% of women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime (this was waaaay before we ever got scared of refugees and immigrants)
  • Or maybe the fact that 68% of our Trans Sisters are sexually assaulted in their lifetime
  • For 80% of child victims, the perpetrator was a parent. 6% were other relatives. 4% were unmarried partners of a parent.

As a survivor of sexual assault – every time you try to argue that “we must protect our daughters” as a reason to oppress another group of people you give permission to my rapist. When you throw temper tantrums about refugees or my preference to let my trans female friends pee in the same restroom as I – you are basically telling me that my assault is not valid.

Would my rape suddenly matter if my rapist was not a CISgender white male???  Or Maybe if I had been attacked in an alleyway or a restroom that would make it legitimate???


If you care about violence against women, then start actually caring about the women that are here and that are being attacked every day.  Speak out against rape culture – stop ignoring it.  Speak out against domestic violence.  Speak out against child abuse. Stop pretending its only Mexican/Muslim/Trans people committing these atrocities.




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