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Dear Person Who Wrote The Open Letter to Target:

Dear Person Who Wrote The Open Letter to Target: Feel free to agree or disagree with the politics and policies regarding public restrooms. That is your perogative. However, it is incredibly cruel and ignorant to assume that transgender people have any need when going into a restroom other than clearing their bladders, checking their Facebook […]

Revisiting #WhyIStayed – two years post abuse

Facebook likes to remind me of memories. Today it reminded me of this Mic article, “19 #WhyIStayed Tweets That Everyone Needs to See” – If you haven’t seen/read that article make sure you do! Here are some of the tweets (both current and from a year ago) that really hit home for me. I stayed […]

Stop Survivor Pity

If you have not been living in a cave during the past two-or-so weeks, you have probably heard of the Duggar drama. Facebook and Twitter blew up with people on both sides of the issue (Yeh, I know, I don’t even understand how this issue even has more than one side) Regardless the media onslaught […]

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