Dear Person Who Wrote The Open Letter to Target:

Feel free to agree or disagree with the politics and policies regarding public restrooms. That is your perogative. However, it is incredibly cruel and ignorant to assume that transgender people have any need when going into a restroom other than clearing their bladders, checking their Facebook and taking a gander at themselves in the mirror just like the rest of us.

Being transgender is an incredibly complex thing with plenty of sound scientific backing to prove that it is not just a whim or a scheme by perverts to prey on innocent children. If that were the case, what the heck is the deal with the enormous numbers of transgender children? What is their wicked scheme? Isn’t is just possible that the glands and hormones that wreak havoc in all of us constantly could be shooting out at levels in some people that leave them incredibly confused as to why they have the genitals of one sex, but the mind and soul of another?
Choosing to accept and embrace ourselves authentically is a human birthright. It does not lead to a life of perversion. I assure you, there are far more non transgender people on the National Sex Offender Registry.

As a person who has been the victim of sexual assault I find it insulting that you used that as part of your argument. How dare you toss those stats out there in an attempt to push at people’s moral heartstrings. Here are some stats for you since you seem to love them so much:

4: The number of times I was touched inappropriately as an adolescent.

4: The number of those men who belonged to or were involved in a church or church youth camp setting.*

*I refer to them as men because
a.) that is what it states on their birth certificates
b.) that is the gender they identify as and
c.) that is the term their wives, children and members of their churches use to describe them.

I do not call them men because they deserve the term. They only deserve the term weak and hypocritical.

0: the number of times I have assumed all white Christian men are sexual predators simply because they share some basic traits with men who harmed me.

0: The number of times I have been accosted by a transgender individual in a public restroom.

0: The number of times I have looked at the genitals of anyone using a public restroom at the same time as me.*
*minus diaper changing of my own children. And even then it was nothing I enjoyed. At all.

Infinity: the amount of hope that I have that your insensitive letter does not bring one ounce of shame or pain upon any person struggling with their identity. And if some day that person is a child of yours, I hope they blossom into a beautiful, free, authentic human.

Guess what? You have used a public restroom with a transgender individual in your lifetime. You survived. I’ll give you a minute to deal with that truthbomb.

In the meantime, I can help you with a problem you mentioned. If your children ask you about the genitals they see in a public restroom, please ask them politely to leave the stall where someone is trying to do their business. Then have a talk with them about looking at other people’s privates. That should take care of it. Thanks!

Denise Salinas
Ps. Thank you Target. Equality rocks.